Thursday, September 17, 2009

west meets east meets far east

A few (5) months have slipped by, all too fast. This morning my colleague Anatoly (Russian,俄羅斯人 Éluósīrén) came by to ask about “Pu-erh tea” 普洱茶

During our conversation, I remembered I still had a small cake in my office, using this with the qualifier; “that it was not a good example (prior tasting) etc. etc.DSC00096 DSC00097 Much to my surprise and delight, that over this very moderate passage of time, I found the tea has changed / improved. “Ours is not to reason why, accept the facts and move on”

A couple of days have passed and Anatoly has added Pu-erh to list of: “I like this tea.” I can see I’ll have bring in more supplies, as we have made a significant impact on this small (180gm) cake. .. We’ve also breezed through 500gms of TGY in short order, mind you there are 4 regular little pig’s at the trough.DSC00377 

I caught this 6 min short on IFC (COX Cable), web link: Tokyo Jim … too funny .. synopsis: Jim’s an English lawyer in Tokyo finalising an important business deal. Unfortunately Jim’s not feeling that well and Mr Yakamoto hates him. Out of politeness Jim agrees to go for a quick post-deal drink – after he does just one thing.

This film was chosen to be part of the BBC Summer of British Film (shorts): Comedy season.


Anonymous said...

Four pigs at the trough? Ha! No wonder those beengs are disappearing so fast. That's funny. I see myself as a little piggy at my own trough with Pu-erh slopped into it. And it could even seem somewhat fitting that I was born in a year of the boar according to the Chinese. Oink! --Spirituality of Tea

小 約翰 said...

Our "Trough" aka "Chaji"茶几 is a fun place, regulars include a couple of Brits (Scot&Eng) a German and a Russian. john