Monday, April 27, 2009

2006 Shu, Pu-erh

A 2006 Shu, Pu-erh, Produced by:
Yunnan Pu Tea Culture Development Corp Ltd.
A small-ish 180gm cake.
A gift thrown in, amongst other purchases in: Dongguan City, 2007 ish.

The outer wrapper is adorned with modernistic / Beijing Olympic influenced graphics, and the “Safe Product Seal” Not much to distinguish the dry cake: a pleasant mix of leaf colours, medium density compression, giving off; a leathery combined with old jotters aroma. Inside we have an easy to access Inner Ticket and an additional marketing flyer. All signs of a newly marketed product. Taste: has a young medicinal character, frankly not what I expected, but there it is.
The soup aroma has a slight sour note, not unpleasant but present.
No lingering aftertaste. Produces mouth dryness, fairly quickly.
Despite varying brewing parameters and infusion incantations, no hidden gem emerged.

This one will not make the; First 15.

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Sean McMunn said...

Not every tea can be a winner huh