Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It just has to DO the Job

As western wood-workers we strive for: Bigger / Better / Elaborate / Kick-Ass / Brick-Shit House, power tools .. posting from my blog:

Also Check out U-Tube .. Table Saws are a top favorite to customize and accessorize.

Next door the Northern Chinese restaurant is undergoing a make-over  .. check out this Bare-Bones – Make-Do saw set-up .. and with good professional results:…..20140319_140420 (1024x768)  Strap a Circular Saw under a sheet of thin plywood and your in business:… Mostly constructed on site for the job.20140319_140435 (1024x767)  Note: this guy has all his fingers:…. this is a ten day job so I’ve had time to chat with the “shop fitters” 20140319_140453 (1024x768)

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