Monday, July 01, 2013

Shop Integration

Objective: get the Main Workbench and Table Saw  to a  height of 34”and integrate a Router into the table saw.  My table saw is about 35 years old. Bought new from Sears when that was “the” place to by tools.  It has been 100% solid, no issues.  Yes it has limitations but over the years workarounds have been found. I just needed to update the saw base .. remove the sheet metal legs, and provide; mobility, stability and storage capacity.   Building a custom box gets the saw and  workbench to same height. 30” square platform for the locking castors provides Mobility and Stability with storage for saw paraphernalia. .. works for me. Saw and Bench both 34” height and level to each other. The back rail was updated with 1” Sq 8020 topped by a mahogany slide and beach support roller.  Next I  remove the right hand extension plate and replace with fixed router table. A few custom mounts and modifications my existing Ryobi router table is integrated with my table saw.

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