Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dinner with A-Fen’s family

R-L Matt, A-Jing, A-Fen, Dad, younger sister and Mom, what a great spread,20140329_173752 (1024x768)  A-Fen bought her Dad a new tea tray set-up:…..20140329_180643 (1024x566)

Monday, March 24, 2014

A quick look around the new tea shops / rooms

Monday, mid evening,  I re-visited the new in Huang Jiang town Tea Rooms .. a lot of unpacking going on and setting up new rooms.20140324_190513 (1024x768)20140324_190229 (1024x768)20140324_190242 (1024x768)20140324_190304 (1024x768)20140324_190334 (1024x768)20140324_190405 (1024x768)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New items bought yesterday at the Huang Jiang shop

fjxh1 Check this manufacturer on-line:…. 

I paid 180 RMB and 190 RMB .. total of 370 RMB .. approx. $60 USDtshj8 (1024x768)tshj9 (1024x768)

Sunday at the Tea Shops ..

The family showed up .. Babies, Aunties, Moms and Grandmatsdg1 (1024x768)tsdg2 (1024x768) We visit a “New Business Endeavor by a friend .. Take over the entire 5th. floor of a 5 story building and dedicate it to approx. 50 open-plan tea rooms and half dozen private rooms.  .. more later ..tshj4 (1024x768)tshj5 (1024x768) Our crew move form the owner's office for a guided tour .. and we settle in the Pu-Erh section:…..sthj1 (1024x768) By this stage, 6:30 in the evening, we have been drinking tea for about 4 hours !!!tshj3 (1024x768) This is just a 10 min walk form our apartment .. so “We’ll be back”

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A façade Too Far

A Rock covered façade for a Hotel ? a little over the top20140322_120856 (1024x623)20140322_120920 (1024x580)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rounding out Friday in ShenZhen

Another great meal with friends:….. note the crazy fingers Smile20140321_181839

A day at; 3 of 9, Jie Hang bike stores in ShenZhen

An amazing family business: Bikes, Tea, Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant and Spiritual  Items (see )szbs1 The group owner hangs out at these two side-by-side stores, his wife runs the other enterprises. We met with her at lunch time.szbs2 The Main / largest of the 9 stores and distribution centerszbs3szbs5szbs6Meeting with the store manager and her staffszbs7szbs9

An Oasis of tranquility in down-town ShenZhen

20140321_120606 (1024x768)20140321_120614 (1024x768)20140321_120633 (1024x838)20140321_120820 (1024x768)20140321_120845 (1024x768) Sitting in the restaurant we see the view overhead 20140321_123659 (1024x768)20140321_123727 (768x1024)

J Z D Cultrual Club Of Tea Affairs

I’m sure the sign is just a misspelling of “Cultural”  that aside it’s a hefty title and a little ostentatious.name20140321_102710 (1024x768)20140321_102555 (1024x768)20140321_120537 (1024x525)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Toys in the “tea room”

Yes the Gold Plate is a bit much .. but here in the Dongguan area its easier to keep clean and looking fresh.20140319_165251 (1024x758) Just need to tidy up some of the unsightly stuff  (or not) .. It works !!20140319_165258 (1024x705)

It just has to DO the Job

As western wood-workers we strive for: Bigger / Better / Elaborate / Kick-Ass / Brick-Shit House, power tools .. posting from my blog:

Also Check out U-Tube .. Table Saws are a top favorite to customize and accessorize.

Next door the Northern Chinese restaurant is undergoing a make-over  .. check out this Bare-Bones – Make-Do saw set-up .. and with good professional results:…..20140319_140420 (1024x768)  Strap a Circular Saw under a sheet of thin plywood and your in business:… Mostly constructed on site for the job.20140319_140435 (1024x767)  Note: this guy has all his fingers:…. this is a ten day job so I’ve had time to chat with the “shop fitters” 20140319_140453 (1024x768)