Monday, February 23, 2009

Out and About ...

Familiar scenes for: Ex (short-term) Coloradoans.
now in Hawaii.
Andrew, in So. Cal
Sean, in Napa Valley
Robbie et al, in So. Cal.
Me? shlepping between: Ocean and the Rockies.

Looking across Union Reservoir to Longs Peak. "The Front Range" in the distance, from Dodd Reservoir (just outside Niwot)
What to do? An old fallen Tree?
Well if you’re in Niwot,
(left hand, to locals), you just get to whittling.
BIITOHEINEN (bee-tah-hay-nen) “Spear Lodge Man” of the: Arapahoe Tribe

By Artist: Eddie Running Wolf.
Project #2 ?

High Tea, in an unlikely place.

Castle Rock, Colorado, home to the: Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Company, and all pertinent, pithy, Mountain Man paraphernalia.

Image from "buffalograpics"Also the home of: Miss M's Tea Parlour, hidden in a side street....Children's Tea Parties by Appointment. Tables inside, are all set for a classic High Tea, sans, scones and cakes
A more typical local sight....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday .. An at home, Tea drinking day.

Monday, I played truant (Plunk is the regional (Ayrshire) Scottish expression) .. A wet miserable day in So. Cal.

Last week,while in Colorado, a friend (Brian) passed on some tea he picked up in Hong Kong. A nice windfall .. today is a perfect day to set up, and enjoy tea in front of a log fire.

View from the tea room .. wet and overcast.Same weather out the kitchen window ...On the far Left, the TGY, from Brian, that proved to be very good. on the Far right the Lychee tea for George. In the center a surprise....
TGY, Nice full leavesThe surprise package was Tea of a Sort .. Dried pumpkin seeds mixed with some Oolong tea.. a new one on me.Everything in place: Brew-Drink-Nap... Nap-Brew-Drink-.. Nap zzzzzzzzz
Back to Colorado on Wed. .. that's tomorrow !!!!

Sunday Tea Shopping

"She who Must be Obeyed", was running low on tea .. to belay an impending disaster, we set sail to "Wing Hop Fung". I think we ended up with 4 lbs of tea: Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, and Rose (plus "Stuff")They carry a fair variety/quantity of Pu-Erh:..
My friend George, was looking for a re-supply of Lychee Red Tea 荔枝紅茶 .. (from ShenZhen/Guandong) .. sold here as Black tea. Lets see if the; One lb. we got for him, passes muster.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Picture Postcard Morning

Bright Sun, Snow and Ice !!! inconvenient, yes, but easy on the eyes ...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Night .. Back in Colorado !!!

Family update:
Friday evening, Sean came down for a long weekend, back to PUC Sunday morning.
No SCUBA for Robbie, a weather front hit Southern California, Friday afternoon .. that, coupled with Sean’s visit, she cancelled her planned boat dive.
For me:
Well no sooner good-by, than hello … an all too short week at home and its back to Colorado …. Sunday afternoon flight gets me logged by 7:30pm.

One interesting visit, last Thursday, I hosted Dr. Cai, from a large Chinese Energy Company, with a reciprocal visit to; Beijing in early March.

This is stacking up to be a week of diversity. Monday and Tuesday are (in plan) all at sixes and sevens… Wednesday, a half-day trip to Northern California, returning to Colorado later that night.

I have a fight home on Saturday Feb 14th. .. fingers crossed.

Monday, February 02, 2009

再見 - 科羅拉多, Zai Jian - Colorado

The road home, descending; Trail Ridge Road:..An Estes local, seeking sustenance:..."The Big Thompson River", Frozen in time:...Off in the distance: Twin Peaks .. as see from Highway 287, just south of Berthoud. Typical of the old barns in the area, Highway 66 just east of; I25 Next stop, DEN, Denver Int. airport....

Tea and Tea Stuff from Colorado

Relaxing in the Brewing Market, I went exploring the shelves loaded with "Stuff".

A "brew-off" is soon to come:...An "Italian" tea infuser ??? (from Seattle WA)
Another infuser: not sure why, but again, Why Not :....

"A Grand Day Out" with Dr. Guo

The stars aligned and we managed a; half-day adventure into the Rockies .. Estes Park Colorado.

Jingyan Guo, at 9,870 feet .. on Trail Ridge Road"Bear Lake" trails, snowshoes are a must ... 沒有雪靴 (no snow boots) A little snow on the roof.... Relaxing at the Brewing Market in Longmont....