Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy Hogmanay -- Taiwan Aged Oolong

1/1/09 .. "Happy New Year" 新年快樂 -- xīn nián kuài lè.
Aged Oolong .. "Old Tea" 老 茶 -- Lao Cha ..
There are many appellations for this type of tea. In both Taiwan and Mainland I mostly hear "lao cha" amongst tea drinkers ..
BUT when it comes to selling / buying .. look out, long names and longer stories abound ..
Rule of Thumb:
"The longer the story, the more expensive the tea"
Almost a year to the day, I visited Wang Tea in Taipei City ...
From this adventure I listened to many stories with a delightful host: Charmaine Wang, the eldest of 3 grandchildren.
I picked up one of each: Short - Medium and Long story tea .. I cannot overstress that you MUST taste before you buy .. The unbelievable array of sense filling aromas, tastes and "long .. long after-tastes are unique to aged Oolongs .. With major variations between Taiwan and Mainland teas ..
Starting 2009 with the "long Story / expensive tea"
The initial assault on the olfactory senses is very pronounced in a wonderful way .. distinctive, warm roasted, only surpassed by the long (surprisingly long) aftertaste ..
Third infusion, the full leaves open in the Gaiwan: 
DSC02455   Two Gaiwan infusions fill the pouring jug .. must share with; "She who must be obeyed"
A beautiful sunny day in So. Cal to usher in the new year, as the morning sun filters in.
Sitting back, it is easy to relax and enjoy....

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