Monday, June 02, 2014

Inspiration and Opportunity

In this case “opportunity” comes from being back in the US .. having the wherewithal to hand .. Sprinkle in a; need, mix with inspiration add perspiration and we have a completed project.

Need: .. a convenient place to have Tea Tools at hand. Tea Scoop, Tongs, Table Brush

Inspiration:  Chinese Calligraphy Brush Holder and Japanese Tokii Gatewayimageimage        The key purpose of a “Torii Gate” is to delineate the entrance to a sacred space.

One to One layout of my; “Hachiman-Kasuga Torii”…. and some process steps:

tg1 (1024x614)20140612_09542320140612_09561120140612_095708

The Tea Table arch is completetg2 (1024x614)tg3 (1024x775)The second (larger) arch hold brushes


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