Monday, April 28, 2014

Relaxing with a friend

Sunday morning required a quick emergency trip to Hong Kong .. that over and being in ShenZhen, we visited one of Jing’s friends home .. our session finished-off with some very expensive “Aged TGY”st1 (1024x650)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Pu-Erh gifts–update

A gift of a 4 year old MengHai Shu Pu …  This one is every bit as good as the other gift.  Despite being a “cooked” tea it still retains a lot of Sheng Pu taste characteristics with a Shu Pu strong colour in the first few infusions. With subsequent infusions this tea proves its worth.

puyu3 (1024x1022)puyu1 (1024x804)puyu2 (1024x712)

Friday, April 25, 2014

A look around

The Pool gets it’s annual cleaning. vfma1 (1024x562)My neighbor’s rooftop gardenvfma2 (1024x553)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Unpretentious and completely functional

I picked up a folding table: 87cm x 43cm and 46cm off the floor. Cost all of 53RMB < $10 .. As a temporary set-up, it serves the purpose. 34”x17”x18” in old moneyntsut2 (1024x550)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Auspicious Event .. 2014-04-16

Preparation and Participation .. The start of a new building project, on the site of the old Windsor Park Hotel Golf Driving Range.  A very Taiwanese style ceremony.DSC02005 (800x600)DSC02006 (800x600)DSC02008 (800x600)DSC02012 (800x600)DSC02015 (800x600)DSC02018 (800x600)DSC02025 (800x600)DSC02028 (800x600)DSC02033 (800x600)DSC02036 (800x479)DSC02041 (800x600)DSC02044 (800x408)DSC02047 (800x600)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday evening … folks out and about

One of the department stores organized an entertainment event for kids to show-off their talents.snatsc2 (1024x469)snatsc1 (1024x685)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Do they build new Tea Shops?

ants1 (1024x768)

Load up your bike

ayb1 (1024x535)ayb2 (1024x653)

Another good day buying Tea Stuff

Something I’ve been looking for, a specific design of: Teacup coaster:  茶杯:杯垫  Chábēi: Bēidiàn

I like this style, as it fits with what pleases me.  At only ¥2 RMB 人民币 each. I picked up 10 .. might have to go back and buy more. tcc1c

An item I saw for the first time .. Most tea /Pu-Erh drinkers have tray to facilitate breaking up a tea cake. What makes this different is that it comes in a very nice matching case… Cost ¥65tt1

Both items can be found on-line: prices as noted in USD $….imageimage

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A nice gift

A 2006 Shu Pu Erh, 357 gm cake, from: Heng Kang Tea Factory, Meng Hai Xi Shuang Ban Na Yun Nan. As you can see, it’s well on its way to being consumed. mhsp1 (1024x511)mhsp2 (1024x588)I’m quite impressed by this cake. Strong dark colour, smooth taste with no significant mouth drying or change of note in the after-taste . Easy to drink and affords copious infusions per pot.  A friend visiting from; HuBei, gave this welcome gift.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The accouterment of the Tea Warrior

sta1 (1024x530)tsa2 (1024x605)tsa3 (1024x670)

An ugly solution looking for a problem .. hence the dust tsa4 (1024x575)

A concentration of Tea Shops

In Chang Ping town there is an area dedicated to Wholesale and Retail tea selling.  Mostly selling to retail shop owners. About 85% Pu-Erh and some Oolongs. Between 200 and 230 shops.ts2 (1024x456)ts3 (1024x450)ts4 (1024x492)ts1 (1024x459)

Images that please

art 2art 4art 1art 5art 6

Fanciful and stylized .. but has an attraction.etc1 (1024x735)

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Prayers at the factory / office

In every factory / office you can find at least one area set aside to give offerings and say prayers.  Most Alters house the God of Wealth, in his various guises.

Cai Shen;  財 神

sot1 (433x1024)sot2 (399x1024)sot5 (1024x864)sot3 (843x1024)

And you need money to burn as an offeringsot4 (1024x639) And a place to burn your money

sot6 (809x1024)

At Tian Yu, while we drink tea and work on projects, my eye is constantly drawn to this juxtaposition: .. An English Thatched Cottage next to the Chinese Alter.sot7 (1024x790)ty1 (882x1024)