Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday at the Tea Shops ..

The family showed up .. Babies, Aunties, Moms and Grandmatsdg1 (1024x768)tsdg2 (1024x768) We visit a “New Business Endeavor by a friend .. Take over the entire 5th. floor of a 5 story building and dedicate it to approx. 50 open-plan tea rooms and half dozen private rooms.  .. more later ..tshj4 (1024x768)tshj5 (1024x768) Our crew move form the owner's office for a guided tour .. and we settle in the Pu-Erh section:…..sthj1 (1024x768) By this stage, 6:30 in the evening, we have been drinking tea for about 4 hours !!!tshj3 (1024x768) This is just a 10 min walk form our apartment .. so “We’ll be back”

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