Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back at our local Bike Store–Chang Ping town

A GIANT dealer with an amazing range of bikes. The store owner and his manager are great guys and fun to visit with and talk bikes. They also own the Trike Shop.bs1 (1024x768)New Bikes just arrivingbs2 (1024x768)bs3 (1024x768)bs4 (1024x768)The bike in the window: 16,998 RMB .. now when the average months rent for an apartment in this area is about 1,500 RMB .. ask yourself  “Would I pay about a year’s rent for a bicycle?”  bs5 (1024x931)Contrast with this USA store offer for any bike OVER $2,999.99 = about 18,000 RMBimage

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