Saturday, August 17, 2013

A little rain through the night: 6 extra hours to the office

Last night we had the storm to beat all storms. Unbelievable thunder and lightening.  Pictures from A-Jing as he drove to our apartment and on the way to the various factories:  Huang Jiang – Chang Ping – Heng Li – Shi Jie

Saturday; 17th. August  2013 .



Sean McMunn said...

Something tells me that there is more than just brown dirt in that water

小 約翰 said...

You think!!! An interesting mix indeed. hope all is well with you

dingdongrb said...

Hi John... It's been quit awhile since I last visited your blog. I see a lot of pics of China, are you living back there again or just traveling there a lot, as usual? Scrolling through I see you were laid up with some hip problems. Was that due to an accident or just being an old man thinking he still has a young man's body? LOL..... I hope all is well my friend. Same old thing here in Thailand, just working my life away. I'm hoping two more years and it'll come to an end. Family is doing well and my little one just turned 7 a couple months ago. I see all the flood pics and it reminds me of what some of my friends in Colorado (Manitou Springs) recently went through. Take care and keep in touch.... Rick

小 約翰 said...

Rick, Mountain bike accident in March. Working in China .. catch up on e-mail .. john