Sunday, July 14, 2013

Around the family farm(s)

Heyuan in Chinese Writing: in simplified Chinese

Heyuan Overview:  Located at the northeast of Guangdong Province, upper and middle reaches of Dongjiang River, Heyuan is next to Meizhou in the east, to Huizhou in the south, to Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province in the north and borders Huizhou in the south. It is less than 200 kilometers away from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Covering an area of 15,800 square kilometers, Heyuan has a population of 3.37m

Heyuan Climate & Weather:  Heyuan is a historic and cultural city in the northeast of Guangdong Province and by the influence of subtropical monsoon, the differences among the four seasons are apparent with general warmness and moistness. The temperature in Heyuan is a little bit higher whereas the rainfall here is a little bit less with much more sunshine. The yearly average temperature is 22.3℃ and the rainfall amount is between 1700mm and 1931mm.

Language in Heyuan:  The dialect in Heyuan belongs to Hakka Dialect System. It’s not easy to understand for Mandarin speakers.

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