Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tea Storage, Straight forward Guidelines – Part One

With only time on my hands for the next few weeks .. Active recovery and rehabilitation … I thought about my luck in acquiring a great deal of China Tea, specifically Yunnan Pu-Erh.  Arguably Pu-Erh is the only tea that requires long term storage .. Yes-yes, Oolong and its aged variants are also candidates …

My Focus for this entry is Pu-Erh and my guidelines for storage.  Multiple decades of storage is not uncommon.  I put my Pu-Erh into three states of storage.rules1rules2rules3rules4 Another key point in avoiding an outside wall for storage;  they tend to have little or no air flow across them. Even a well ventilated room tends to have dead spots in the outside wall.ruleshow1  Some years back I remodeled our very large “family room” into two specific use rooms.  Windows and sliding glass doors facing south, makes these rooms enjoyable.  Tea room outside wall is not used to store tea, and we get great cross ventalation.rooms

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