Monday, May 27, 2013

Reflections: Physical and Mental Therapy

A scant 70 days have passed (who’s counting) since I broke my hip.  This quote is very apropos:

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

We have to maintain momentum both physically and mentally. These past 9+ weeks have pushed me to new physical experiences. Stressing to keep momentum on one good leg and new pain generators, has placed new trials to maintaining mental acuity.  Family and friends are 100% essential to the recovery process.  I have number of hobbies that I was able to enjoy within my limitations, without these, I cannot imagine managing coping with such a long recovery.

Target Shooting and Reloading Ammunition helped immeasurably.  Now I’ve started back with furniture building, interesting having to manage with less than my “normal” mobility.

I spent most of Friday and Saturday building a custom Storage / Display unit for the Tea-Room.  An L Shaped Corner Unit.  This was truly enjoyable and resulted in an excellent physical workout as it employed a large verity of motions and postures.  On Sunday 6 of us went to the Orange County Scottish Festival, this provide me an opportunity to extend my walking distances.

Later in the day I was able to take care of Jean for a couple hours, two new outfits from the Scottish Festival:IMG_20130526_150049_262IMG_20130526_145621_520

Monday mid-day saw the Corner Unit ready for surface finishing .. that can wait until Tuesday. Long Leg: 48”, Short Leg: 36”, Height 23”

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