Friday, April 26, 2013

Thank you Dr. Yu … Yunnan BaiYao

A physician friend from church has prescribed Yunnan Baiyao (云南白药) as part of my initial hip fracture recovery.  So not only do we get Pu-Erh from Yunnan.

Please perform a web search for more info ….

Broken Hip Recovery Tea

I’m in the last week of Post Surgery recovery .. A six week process. Hopefully I’ll get the all clear to place Full Weight on the repaired fracture and start some serious Rehab .. That aside on to enjoying some of the “Best” (to my taste) Pu-Erh.  I first tasted and purchased a few bricks in 2004 them more in 2007, after that No More .. the supply had been exhausted. Link to 2007 post

1994 Su Pu, I only have 5 bricks left .. This morning having prepared my work table to open this brick.  Surgical Stainless Steel Dive knife is my tool of choice. Now this brick of Shu-Pu is a little over 19 years oldLightly pressed in a One-Off Mould these bricks are easy to open.Opened and stored in my working Pu-Erh Caddie .. We’ll let it acclimate for a few hours before brewing.FLASH BACK:     Picture from 2007 .. finding the last 3 bricks …. 11abc

Teapot emptied, cleaned and pre-heated .. time brew some tea.Dry tea is added to a warm pot.2nd of two infusions to clean and open the tea .. this soup is used to wash the outside of the teapot.The first of many infusions, enjoyed while my fractured femoral neck knitsA basket of tools from my February trip to Dongguan.