Monday, March 25, 2013

The UN-Bucket List

Through popular movie media the “Buck List” has become an very day part of speech when referring to “Fun” things to do .. No I don’t have such a list.

BUT!  I’ve started an UN-Bucket List: stuff you'd like to UN-Do.

Monday, 3/18 .. beautiful mid day bicycle ride, 7 miles straight uphill to my sons home.  Mid afternoon about 4:30ish .. It’s an all downhill ride home.

HERE are a couple of Pictures from that epic ride:

ER X-Ray at 5:13pm Monday .. Left Hip Dislocated and Femoral neck fracture (sometimes Neck of Femur (NOF), subcapital, or intracapsular fracture)DSC05326 (1280x1043)24 hrs and 10 min later we have Pinned (4 pins) and properly located left hipDSC05325 (1279x1280) So now its 6 weeks of NO load on my left leg/hip.  I’ll be the One-Legged squat champion after this.


Anonymous said...

If that was a piece of wood there is no way you could get that many screws in hahah

小 約翰 said...

If it were wood, I’d have fixed myself: “Shade-tree Arborist” .. LOL