Saturday, March 02, 2013

New Tea Pots

Getting home late Thursday night (2/27) with my China SWAG. Thursday it was off to see Jean.

So by; 3/2/13, Saturday morning I had pressed my pots into service.  Using Jet-Lag as an excuse, I find things just as I left them Friday night.

All new glass teaware: 1Step 1 (tea from last night-still good); insert the infuser / filter into main pot body & heat water: .. 2Glass teaware: I’m sold on it3Glass brings an added visual enjoyment to making tea.456This pot is perfectly sized (by volume) to one of my tea bowls .. life is indeed good, Here infusing 10yr old cooked Pu Erh tea  .. NB. I usually double filter, just a habit picked up early on when drinking Pu Erh.7

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