Sunday, February 10, 2013

First day; The Year of the Snake – 蛇 shé

Early Sunday morning, The first day of the Year of the Snake, 2013. Out on a a tour around Song Shan Lake. Starting with virtually no people .. after 4 hours a few thousand friends show up.

Starting Saturday night at 11:55pm .. On Sunday morning, we see only the ash of a once bright display:DSC01384 (1024x768)Construction work continues on revamping the KTV, to meet a March opening:DSC01385 (1024x768)DSC01386 (1024x768)At 8:00 am its still peaceful with an eerie quite. DSC01387 (1024x768)One of the early birds, cleans up the detritus from last nights revelry.DSC01389 (1024x768)The spent fireworks casings speak silent volumes.DSC01391 (1024x682)DSC01392 (1024x756)Enjoying  the calm and possibilities offered by moored boats.DSC01394 (1024x768)DSC01398 (1024x768)DSC01399 (1024x768)DSC01400 (1024x768)DSC01402 (1024x768)This sight to be repeated many times over the oncoming daysDSC01420 (1024x546)DSC01423 (1024x768)DSC01424 (1024x768)The smoke signals; Lunch Time:DSC01425 (1024x589)

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