Monday, February 18, 2013

Evening in the tea shop

On Sunday we discovered a local tea shop. A great find. Small family shop run by a young couple from Fujian province, where their extended family grow and process Tie Guan Yin (TGY).

Monday, returning from a day in Hong Kong about 8:30pm, we sat down with some folks tasting TGY. This was the start of an hour and a half session; TGY, Red Tea and 4 types of Pu-Erh. Ending with the purchase of 500gr of Pu-Erh.

DSC01464 (1024x768)DSC01465 (1024x768)DSC01466 (1024x768)DSC01467 (1024x768)DSC01471 (1024x768)

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