Tuesday, January 01, 2013

One–One and all's well

Robbie is packed and ready to start her first trip of 2013  (more are on the drawing board)  …  The 9:10pm flight from LAX to Manila. Then on to her favorite Philippines dive location; Anilao, for a month of underwater photography. Sean and Sara are under orders: “No Baby until I return Smile

Heather is enjoying some seasonal downtime, Jake is out on a 2 day charter.

Here on the mainland, Andrew is home, back from San Diego,  his new assignment in RSM starts in about 3 weeks. Trevor started a new job yesterday. Cameron came by at Xmas and he is doing well.

Sara and Sean have long list of carpentry projects lined up for yours-truly.

Matt, returns to China 1/7 .. With all those unploughed fields ahead…. New business ventures await …

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