Saturday, January 05, 2013

New Year finds- Coasters 杯垫 Bei Dian

Sorting through stuff .. these four coasters came to light ..  forgotten “K-Mart” promo for video game coupon  .. Thx Andrew, adding to an already eclectic collection:..DSC05265DSC05266Promotional advertisement from 2010180716-cacad[1]”Bethesda has something strange going on with retailer Kmart. With a $5 purchase of the Fallout coaster set seen above, you will get a $15 Video Game Savings coupon that will be redeemable the week of the Fallout: New Vegas release. It's like a strangely worded pre-order offer with bonus gift. Who cares how it goes down, though. It's Fallout coasters! “ “Quantities are limited and there is a one-per-customer.”

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