Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Off to China

Robbie just got back from a month in the Philippines.  Big party this Sunday, Super Bowl and Baby Shower for Sara and Sean.

Thursday 31st. I’m off to China for some 26 days. My first trip of 2013.  New business ventures are afoot.

I’ll straddle Chinese New Year, best to get in before the “Mad Rush” and depart well after folks have returned from the family home. Some of my friends are back in Taiwan and various other mainland providences.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

New Year finds- Coasters 杯垫 Bei Dian

Sorting through stuff .. these four coasters came to light ..  forgotten “K-Mart” promo for video game coupon  .. Thx Andrew, adding to an already eclectic collection:..DSC05265DSC05266Promotional advertisement from 2010180716-cacad[1]”Bethesda has something strange going on with retailer Kmart. With a $5 purchase of the Fallout coaster set seen above, you will get a $15 Video Game Savings coupon that will be redeemable the week of the Fallout: New Vegas release. It's like a strangely worded pre-order offer with bonus gift. Who cares how it goes down, though. It's Fallout coasters! “ “Quantities are limited and there is a one-per-customer.”

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

One–One and all's well

Robbie is packed and ready to start her first trip of 2013  (more are on the drawing board)  …  The 9:10pm flight from LAX to Manila. Then on to her favorite Philippines dive location; Anilao, for a month of underwater photography. Sean and Sara are under orders: “No Baby until I return Smile

Heather is enjoying some seasonal downtime, Jake is out on a 2 day charter.

Here on the mainland, Andrew is home, back from San Diego,  his new assignment in RSM starts in about 3 weeks. Trevor started a new job yesterday. Cameron came by at Xmas and he is doing well.

Sara and Sean have long list of carpentry projects lined up for yours-truly.

Matt, returns to China 1/7 .. With all those unploughed fields ahead…. New business ventures await …