Sunday, December 30, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy .. all too busy

The past few months lasted only a few Pico Seconds.  We all have our daily fill .. but we managed to add in two November weddings. Heather and Jake tied the knot in Hawaii.  Robbie sacrificed to spend 3 weeks in Hawaii, the rest of us, only managed an all too short week.   Heather’s unique approach to her bridesmaids:  Three of her best friends from the mainland were with us .. but .. Three of Heather’s brothers, all in Kilts, were her bridesmaids.hw3hw4hw2

Sean proposed to Sara  in Lahui  .. two weeks later they both said: “ I do.”  Christmas was great; family, friends, good and plentiful sustenance abound.   Between Xmas and now Sean and Sara closed escrow and have (mostly) move in to their new house. Making a home for themselves and Jean (when she arrives .. soon)

Our friend Frank (center with the hair) came back to So. Cal. for a few days climbing in Joshua Tree.  Perfect excuse to visit our favorite Taiwan noodle house.IMG_6564

Robbie is off on a SCUBA Safari on 1/1/13. So 2012 is almost in the books, and 2013 is starting with a full agenda.

Our very close family friend, Matt, literally “Flew the Coop”  He left ShenZhen-Hong Kong, heading to Germany and a Grand European winter holiday extravaganza.

 A note from Matt:           Hey John, Here's a few photos of our trip...

Photo 1: Ischgl Austria, Photo 2: Zurich, 3: Rome,4: Rome, 5: Vatican

In Krakow Poland right now. Went to see Schindler's factory today from WW2 along with some other places (synagogues etc) - going to see the concentration camps tomorrow. Then party tomorrow night for New Year.


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