Monday, November 05, 2012

Life's a Beach Dive .. Under the Sea

One of the locals greets Robbie, as she descends into the deep, off Kauai’s south shore.IMG_8733 cr cIMG_8542 cr ac cIMG_8647 wk on cIMG_8786 c

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Simon Leach Cha Wan … 100% happy with it.

I chatted with Simon a couple of weeks back and arranged to get this new cha wan after he returned from the UK.  Link to previous posting:

Just arrived, taking its place ready for a fill of Pu-Erh.slcw1A little late for good lighting .. better pics later. The tea bowl has a calming visual presence and satisfying tactile feedbackslcw2Just a visit with some friends .. it will be on the Cha Ji working for a living.slcw3slcw4

Heading out for fun with friends: Halloween evening

Sean, Sara and Jean, all dressed up, places to go and people to see.


Robbie in Kauai

Only a few days until the wedding .. 10-Nov-12.  Robbie makes off into deep blue.

On to the Trimaran .. after a few days of tropical rain .. a beautiful vista IMG950037Note to self .. not a good angle for an iPhone self portrait Smile SmileIMG950062