Saturday, October 06, 2012

Two new Cordless & Wireless Readers (+ update)

Mid Saturday morning, hand delivered, courtesy of the almighty US Postal Service these new readers arrived.

Saving this for another day: I’ll fully charge the carbon batteries before weighing anchor and setting course., as its Dangerous Work afoot.WB1cThumbing through the unread pages with anticipation, we see a replication of Doyle’s original dairy.WD2cA decidedly more prosaic yarn achieves its goal of removing cash from the easy marks.  Much touted and marketed in the British press .. lets see how fellow Scot lays out her first “Adult Book” .. only fueled by Pu-Erh .. mastication gum for the mind(less)WD3c

Update:     Saturday evening 236 pages into the 503 page novel .. “The Casual Vacancy” remains unfilled.   If Robbie passes on it. I’ll donate it Monday to our office book pool.

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Robin said...

As usual, once started always finished. It was not a favorite book and has been passed on