Monday, August 27, 2012

Enter the Dragon

Thursday morning 6:00am Hong Kong airport, heavy rain and 92 degrees F  only gets hotter as the day progress. The Rain stops and turns to steam .. good to be back.

Later that same day: Chang Ping after dinner (at the Er Lou), Julia with her new car, and leftovers for her son Alex.IMG-20120816-00028Friday morning. Storm clouds gather and move on driven by strong wind gusts.IMG-20120816-00032IMG-20120816-00033Actually a clear day around the lake thanks to the strong winds.IMG-20120816-00034IMG-20120816-00035Carved in Granite .. A nicely imparted warning as one could hope for.:           Warm Tip:     Depth danger ! For the happiness of you and your family, please do not swim leisureIMG-20120817-00048Lake fishermen still ply their trade.IMG-20120816-00037IMG-20120817-00050sslfmAn extended family of lakeside labourers live in this never to be finished home. (that would, in turn make it finished)3sh1

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