Saturday, May 05, 2012

Da … Shed, part C + small d

Saturday:     The soft breeze kept the heat at bay until High Noon .. Terry, Shin and I made an afternoon pilgrimage to a gun store, out in Riverside.. All of the California State required paperwork filed.. in 10 days I get to take possession of what I bought. 

I picked up tools about’ 4:30, and finished off the Rafters and all but 3 bays of blockingshed11

Sunday. a slow day, finished the; rafter blocking and hung a few sheets of siding.. Sean helped as Sara was on a Photo Shoot assignment. She made it back in time to catch us in action.  I can only surmise as to what pictures will show up on “face$#^%*!&” book. 

I’m flip – flopping on the door design. One piece Sliding Barn-Door, Double Carriage Doors.  Weather too nice, late afternoon Tea-Time, perfect for some cerebral activity.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Dad,

dingdongrb said...

Okay where's that pic of the new toy (gun) you bought?

The Shed is looking good!


小 約翰 said...

Hi Rick .. just picked up my new toy .. will post some pictures soon.