Sunday, April 29, 2012

Projects move to the Outdoors

2012, so far has been VERY busy and taken its toll on “Elective” projects. This weekend, the new shed build finally got off to a hot (very Hot!!) start.  Great sunny clear early summer weather.
Central Workstation:..shed1Pressure treated 4x4 sub-structure .. 15' 6" x 6' (474.4cm x 182.9 cm in new money)shed2In the shade, late in the afternoon,  3/4" Tongue and Groove, provides a solid floor. Saturday its a wrap.shed3Sunday, mid-afternoon .... Typical framing for the back wall, gets started .. Game called:  “Just too Hot”shed4


dingdongrb said...

Too hot? Come'on ya whimp, suck it up and get back to building. I'll tell you what hot is.....LOL

小 約翰 said...

Hi Rick, you win the HOT award, along with humidity, great hearing from you.
How's life in Thailand?
Too hot is a euphemism for: “I ache in the places I used to play”
I was working solo, the boys are out of town and wife is in the Philippines.

dingdongrb said...

Hi John,

Doing fine. The Songkran holidays (Thai New Year) just ended a few weeks back. The wife and daughter were here for about a month and just left last week as school will be starting in a few weeks. Enjoyed my time spent with them and looking forward to the next in July when we'll renew our visas.

Seems like you're all alone. I guess that's one way to scoot everyone out, start some home projects... LOL

Looking at your latest blog entry I can say, home projects can be fun and rewarding but those home repairs can be kind of a burden. Nice looking job on that kitchen ceiling.