Monday, April 30, 2012

“Non-Elective” Project(s)

Typical home-owner stuff that requires immediate remedial action. Our second story copper water feed line sprung a leak. A dripping kitchen ceiling points to a problem above.
Cut an access portal in the drywall, expose and repair the offending leak.  An annoyance, but a relatively easy repair. …. But!   Prudence dictates removal of the entire ceiling. Not so Dry, drywall and insulation. Not fun but 3 pair of hands make light of it. kitcel4NOTE WELL (NB)  when it comes to hanging a drywall ceiling, HIRE A PROFESIONAL .. Our friend Jason had Javier (his drywall Artisan) come over. This guy is a gem.kitcel2Sean hung new light fixtures. kitcel1 Install a new air vent cover, and “Bob’s your Uncle”

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