Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back from China

A short two weeks in China just flew by.  China continues to be an amazing place that must be experienced first hand. 
Tea:  Retail buyers; numbers are dwindling. Retail / Wholesale shops are dealing to move on-hand stocks.   A couple of months back a: Four pack of Puerh bricks selling at 3,000 RMB .. now at 1,700 RMB.   My tea purchase totaled about 2,300 RMB, for a healthy supply.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

WHY ?? Because WE CAN !

Weekend shootout with friends:

Mrs. Wong (in Red) and Mr. Wong (in Blue)IMG_2371IMG_2670

Its just a TOY Box:IMG_2324Shin checks out his shotgunIMG_2326IMG_2325Anatoly brings back his KGB skills .. “I could write an APP for this.”IMG_2329Killing Bowling pinsIMG_2330Sean and Shin team upIMG_2331IMG_2343 

Heather picks up a 5 – 10 splitimage

Shin, Rifle Ok  The bag is for shopping in Taipei 101, but looks good on you. Smileimage”Why do you shoot a 45?”   “Because they don’t make a 46!”IMG_2346IMG_2347Credit Cards for Armageddon, No PIN number requiredIMG_2348IMG_2349 Can you say: Kalashnikov (Автомат Калашникова)IMG_2350Mrs. Wong can do no wrong .. 847 shots in the 10 ring.IMG_2352IMG_2362

Herr Schmidt, eyeing up Brian’s Big gunIMG_2649

Behrad and Shin, The GOOD, The BAD and the …….IMG_2651

Now we have all THREE: ……..IMG_2652We even have TWO token Americans ….IMG_2653Dr. Guo, representing Inner Mongolia, Sniping for Gold.IMG_2656Fernando lays down cover fire in the HOOD ….IMG_2657Brian, just say NO to CRACK (Blue tape is your friend)IMG_2661Ni Hao Te Bie Song Huo, 你好,特别送货 .. Hello, Special DeliveryIMG_2666IMG_2667IMG_2668 

Boys in the HOODIMG_2671I got your part shortage RIGHT HERE !!!IMG_2675IMG_2676IMG_2677Arlou auditions for:  Kill Bill 3, “This is NOT a Hattori Hanzo blade.”  “NO It’s a 12 Gauge.”IMG_2686 Motley Crew:…. This is Ballistic ScienceIMG_2687Scary thing is:  most of us are TEA drinkers.