Saturday, December 31, 2011

A look back to see an absent friend

For those that know, no captions required.DSC02969signDSC03301


MarshalN said...

Hey there - wondering if you have any suggestions for tea places to visit in Dongguan (obviously, you probably do)? I am thinking of making a visit up north at some point in the not too distant future, perhaps after Chinese New Year and all that craziness has died down. I have been told there are good places to shop for tea there, but figured I can save some time asking someone who's surveyed the landscape :)

Hope you have a good new year!

小 約翰 said...

Dongguan is “alive” with good and great tea shops.
My #1 stop is with Mrs Yang, in Dong Cheng area of Dongguan City.
Wal-Mart shopping center, 2nd. Floor: Yu Xin Profession Tea Ind. Ltd Company
+86 136 0231 4765
Over 400+ stores in Wan Jiang, Town, suburb of Dongguan City
Cha Shan Town (about 20 min dive from Dong Chen) 100+ shops
Call my friend Paolo +86 130 7131 7392, lives in Huang Jiang town (1hr from ShenZhen) .. Please call him .. he knows all my tea places and other good places to go.
I may be in Dongguan mid Feb.
regards John