Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hong Kong–China–Singapore

Changes in the tea business .. Retail sales slump .. shop closures etc .. and the rise in prices with high end products being offed … a strange mix to ponder.  Lee Hong a friend of 7+ years with her “boyfriend”  He studied Tea in university and now works in the retail / teaching store in DongguanIMG-20111202-00011Saturday about noon and I am the only customer. This store is downsized by 75% from my last visit and has some of the highest price teas (Pu-erh Only) I’ve see. also a collection of very expensive Tea Pots.IMG-20111202-00012Some high price pots, prices are a function of being attributed to a master craftsman. (if you trust the printed cards) IMG-20111202-00008These two are 25,000 RMB eachIMG-20111202-00009This one is “only” 13,500 RMBIMG-20111202-00010This Pu-Erh cake not only comes in a very ornate box with lock, It has a zippered jacket, all for: 6,800RMB


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