Monday, October 17, 2011

Underwater, in more ways than one

Pygmy Seahorse, Robbie continues her SCUBA safari.
 IMG_8240 Pgy SHorse rot and c
From my friend Rick in Thailand:
“Here in Chiang Mai there was some flooding around the town but I didn't have any trouble right at my house... (good thing) But it made travel to work adventurous a couple of days and one day I left early from work  just to be sure I could get home. I live on the west side of a river that runs North and South through town and where I work is on the east side of the river.  A couple of the major ways across the river were flooded and not passable for a couple of days but I was able to take alternate ways which unfortunately everyone else had to do the same so traffic, which is always pretty congested due to Thailand's poor infrastructure was even worse for those days.  But all that happened a little over a few weeks ago and since then there hasn't been much rain in our part of the country.  But around Bangkok and a few other Providences it's a different story as this has been some of the worst in recent history. “

“I just received these pics this morning. They are from the High Tech Industrial Park just north of BKK where I used to travel to Pemstar.  These buildings shown are Hana Microelectronics, the CM my company uses today..... I'm at the Chiang Mai facility but they have a couple in and near the BKK area.”
AYT from IC building towards west side entrance 141011AYT between facility and IC buildings 141011

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