Thursday, October 06, 2011

Stuff …

Scientists are nibbling at our foundations, can we achieve speed in excess of: 299,792,458 m/s. I would say that its relatively easy, what is not, is to travel faster than an ever evolving list of “Things To Do”

Andrew stopped by for a few hours on Saturday. In town for a wedding (not his) then back to Texas on Monday .. major score for me .. Pair of Oakley Livestrong Jawbones .

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Robbie is off globe hopping .. LA to Manila to Singapore to Jakarta to Manila to Anilao to Manila to LA .. About a month of SCUBA .. some pics:…..IMG_5453 super cIMG_5552 super cIMG_5366  scIMG_5477  scIMG_5518 s cIMG_5570 scIMG_5580 sc

Let’s see if the upcoming long weekend can make a dent in that list of projects. If you resonate to these terms you know the plan ahead: Threshold, Jamb, Head Jamb, Stop, Hanging and Casing.

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