Sunday, September 04, 2011

China Buys tea from Taiwan

Taiwan highland tea breaks into Chinese market
2011/08/31 20:44:26

Taichung, Aug. 31 (CNA) An order for 2,326.8 kilograms of Taiwan highland tea was shipped to retailers in Jiangsu Province in China on Wednesday, marking the largest sale to China for Li Shan tea farmers.
The order was placed in mid-August when Taichung City officials visited Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province, one of the major tea consumption areas in China, according to the Taichung City Agriculture Bureau.
The bureau said Chinese people are quite taken with Taiwan's highland tea, especially the fragrant variety from Li Shan in central Taiwan that has a nice finish because of the high altitude.
After having tasting Taiwan's highland tea, Chinese retailers in Jiangsu placed an order for NT$11 million (US$379,250) worth of tea and requested that it be delivered as soon as possible, the bureau said.
Tea trees have better soil and water conservation attributes than fruit trees, therefore, if the sale to China is a success, the bureau will start assisting fruit farmers in the Li Shan area to switch to tea, said Tsai Ching-chiang, Chief of Agriculture Bureau for Taichung

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