Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, just another day in paradise.

Busy week .. this post was Last Sunday (17th) .. Oh well "C'est la vie",

Swells intensify, breaking  for thrill seekers  that wait .. cold and wet.sunasun1Capitola’s old pier beckons all.sun3The cat sits on its ocean mat.sun4Those who fish for fish.sun5

A game of; Paper-Scissors-Rock, Weather beats Tree..sun2 

Living on the edge, so to speak.sunb

As peaceful as it gets, Half Moon Bay to the north.sun6Half Moon Bay from atop the southern cliffs.sunc

Same day different venue:

Lance Armstrong Leads ‘Tour de Dornach’ In Scotland

Crowds gathered as American cyclist Lance Armstrong led fellow riders from the Sutherland town of Dornoch SEVERAL HUNDRED cyclists joined seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, 39, on a bike ride in the North of Scotland Sunday night.

He had issued an invitation on Twitter for people to join him on the 30-mile route.

His Twitter message read: “Alright Scotland – it’s on. Twitter ride! Meet 5pm tomorrow (Sunday) in Dornach at The Eagle Pub. 30 mile loop.”

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Robin said...

I would love to see half moon bay those pics are wonderful