Sunday, June 26, 2011

Asia Bail Out: … Hello Monterey (nice trade)

Having printed my boarding pass and about to board 883 to Hong Kong, when I had to abort, revamp / re-schedule basically rearrange the ripple effect.

Matt and Jenny Lee (Singapore based) are now in the US.

I made a return trip to Santa Clara via a long weekend in Monterey.  Robbie made this trip with me. After 4 weeks diving in tropical waters she dove the COLD waters of No. Cal .. Extremely Beautiful but Cooooold water off Monterey and Carmel.. That’s why they invented Dry-Suits.

Sunday, Second day of diving. 7:30am the boat docks.MDB2Robbie, first to sign-in.MDB1Famous for its rugged coast line, Monterey Bay, Central Californian Coast LineMCL2MCL3MCL1The GREAT Coastal Rock Decorator:MCL7An old Lighthouse stands a lonely vigil, sending its piercing, but silent light.MCL4A fallen guardian, coastal life is hard.MCL5Modern adventurers, looking and hoping …MCL6sccl2Spending more time in SC,  I managed to organize my temporary HowffSC cube layout j2SC cube layout j1Good thing about this area, no shortage of VERY good Chinese food …IMG-20110621-00013IMG-20110621-00011IMG-20110621-00012