Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve and Boxing Day…. Stuff

Finishing up projects and a Sunday run.  Friday, our first nice dry day, in the midst of a spate of winter tropical storms.  In final clamp up, the last project of 2010.   Saturday, Xmas Day,  two of the boys helped me fit the mirror and the final install. I’ll have to wait ‘till Monday to get the door glass, and Robert is your fathers brother. IMG00003-20101224-1040IMG00004-20101224-1041

Installed and in use ….DSC01163

Boxing Day, Sunday morning, I dropped the truck off for a year-end service .. I ran back home via the Aliso Creek Trail, lo and behold “没有路” No Road !!! Flash Foods ripped out the culverts and took out the small bridge and part of the trail access road.IMG00008-20101226-0725 This thin sliver managed to hold my weight, I crossed it in 3.75 milli sec. (Don’t look back, don’t look back !!!! ) IMG00008-20101226-0725cropIMG00009-20101226-0726

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