Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doors or no Doors .. Back on the Bus to: China and points east / UPDATE

UPDATE .. plans are made to be changed .. Now Singapore is back on the agenda … so its mid-November before I get back.

Business demands care not a jot for ones personal desires .. I’m on a mission to close the door on my door making project.

I’ve barely unpacked from my last trip .. and now have another in the hopper. … I’ll be going deeper into the “hinterland” of China on this trip,  so much of interest awaits.  Singapore had to be dropped off this itinerary, but will plan an early December trip.

Leaving the well trodden paths of the coastal metropolises, we search along the least traveled path. imageLong story short: much of China’s growth is fueled by the formidable prowess of: Guangdong province, Shanghai with its sprawling conurbation and their ilk. Seeking differentiation one must explore or wallow and stagnate in the over played “Shopping Basket” of how much of the west sees China. Not that I’m abandoning these high yield regions .. but one must lead or the view never changes.

During a prior trip into Hunan, if you; grow it, catch it, raise it or trade for it .. then you get to eat it.DSC03666DSC00400This family grows vegetables for sale in a local market, returning home with bags of rice. DSC00397c

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