Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What’s a boy to do?

Weather outside is frightful, Wife's diving in the Philippines, there is only so much tea you can drink, busy at work, getting ready to head-off to China … I know !rebuild the kitchen .. Great idea .. start with cabinet doors, drawers, demolish a couple of walls, rebuild the island ..
Got a little ahead of myself …  一步, 一步 利 .. one step by one step
First; cabinet carcasses are sound, layout is fine ..  new cabinet doors, that’s the ticket.  Here are the first 6 new doors .. 15 more + 16 drawer fronts to go.DSC00568c
I have revamped my workshop to focus on doors and drawer fronts … not sure how long this project will take once I hit the China trail in earnest after CYN.
It’s not the cabinet making per se .. it’s buying new toys .. 6 1/2” Jointer!DSC00572c

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