Wednesday, August 11, 2010

… Here is my handle .. but! where is my Spout?

Not one, but TWO Handles .. Ok! but where is that spout?
The calligraphy is to: Attract Big FortuneDSC04833c   A clue revealed .. a Beveled and Lapped surface exposed when the lid is removed.DSC04837c The lid has a Matting Beveled Lip .. when mated, an air tight seal is formed.DSC04838c
The Base also has a Lapped sealing surfaceDSC04835c
All is exposed .. the bottom of the Pot has a mating surface that seals on the base .. in the center: ....
"THE SPOUT"  Flow is controlled via the Air Hole in the Lid, as with a drinking straw etc. DSC04836c

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