Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friday (July 16th.) morning on the lake side

I reach the north end of the lake, just as the longest shadows of the day are cast. Before a small rain shower, a perfect rainbow is within reach.  If only I had my spade to dig for that pot of elusive Gold.

Even in China they have Leprechauns; Xiang Tong  仙童 IMG00019-20100715-1536

My lucky morning, the Rainbow’s end is right outside my hotel room …..IMG00020-20100715-1537

After the rain shower clouds move in and diffuse the light.   This marble statue of a rather Rubenesgue, young Chinese girl,  stands much viewed and untouched.IMG00021-20100715-1545 IMG00016-20100715-1530

The lithe figure of a western muse, is much viewed and much molested  by the local youthIMG00017-20100715-1531

Looks like the lake fishermen have upgraded the fleet: ……………..… IMG00022-20100715-1600

………..  As one of the old stalwarts sinks to a watery rest:….IMG00023-20100715-1601

An early, silent patrol of the traps, attracts only the eyes of the “GuiLao”IMG00028-20100716-1600c2

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