Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yi Xing – expanded marketing

Mrs. Yang’s tea shop:…… is now carrying a new line of Yi Xing products, mostly mugs.DSC00577ccrop

As with Tea-Pots, one requires a specific mug for different teas .. That's my logic to buy more….  The Tea Sets / Tea-Pots remain undistinguished.  When I visited the store, she only had two different types in stock, Models 001 and 009 .. so they made the trip home.   Workmanship, finish and overall quality rates good, as does ergonomics.   Aesthetics: to each their own, I like them.

At home; 1 of 15 and 9 of 15, are safely assimilated into the Yi Xing collective.DSC00665c

Interesting internal design detail .. a “tea leaf trap” DSC00667c

I scanned the catalogue and you will note numbers 004 and 014 are omitted. (not by accident, unlucky numbers)

The catalog extols all the virtues of Yi Xing wares and the wonders of Zi Sha (Purple Sand)purpleclay coverinside001 002 003 005 6 007 008 009 010 011 12 013 back

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