Thursday, February 25, 2010

In China:.. Girl driver alert, first 5 days

Arrived HK , Thursday 25th. through immigration and customs by 6:00am. Arrived at the Dongguan Hyatt; Song Shan Lake about 7:30am .. virtually no /very light traffic  all the way from HK airport.  A lot of folks still not returned from CYN ..  also very hot and humid …..
A special note: our long time friend Julia has a China Drivers license. While this is No Big Deal in most counties .. Here it is a big deal.  So she is ready for her next visit to the USA
Julia behind the wheel this morning as she drove from the hotel to Chang Ping town for lunch .. Mr. Wong, the company driver (Julia’s coach), alongside.DSC00576
Saturday morning, Paulo and I arrived at Mrs. Yang’s tea shop as some family and friends had just arrived.
Paulo keeps an eye on the newest tea drinker, 10 month old “Ting Ting”  …….    Too cuteDSC00577c:  DSC00578c 
Song Shan Lake: How about a solid Granite Table and Stool set for casual outside dining?  DSC00589c
I think its safe to say these appellations owe much to poetic license :DSC00590c
Further down the lake ,the last of the fishing fleet is moored in readiness:DSC00592c
The Lake (man-made reservoir) feeds the local faming area:DSC00598c
A typical 3 story, farm house of the Dongguan area, the outside is unfinished showing the brick structureDSC00597c

Monday, February 15, 2010

Three day weekend

Today, Monday, is a holiday .. I’m off to China next week, on the 23rd. So I put time in on the kitchens cabinets.
That’s the next batch of fames jointed (13) .. it will be a struggle to get much more done before the 23rd.DSC00575c

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What’s a boy to do?

Weather outside is frightful, Wife's diving in the Philippines, there is only so much tea you can drink, busy at work, getting ready to head-off to China … I know !rebuild the kitchen .. Great idea .. start with cabinet doors, drawers, demolish a couple of walls, rebuild the island ..
Got a little ahead of myself …  一步, 一步 利 .. one step by one step
First; cabinet carcasses are sound, layout is fine ..  new cabinet doors, that’s the ticket.  Here are the first 6 new doors .. 15 more + 16 drawer fronts to go.DSC00568c
I have revamped my workshop to focus on doors and drawer fronts … not sure how long this project will take once I hit the China trail in earnest after CYN.
It’s not the cabinet making per se .. it’s buying new toys .. 6 1/2” Jointer!DSC00572c