Monday, December 14, 2009

Tea and Sympathy

Xie Xie Ni Jeff returning from Taiwan .. with a gift of:  Ali Shan High Mountain Oolong Tea. DSC00514  Saturday we had a party with; Sean's fiancée, her family and long time time friends; Linda, Kerry and Katelyn Shimizu, and Robbie’s dive buddy Ruth. Twelve of us, good size group for a, very rainy day, get together. (See Facebook for pics)

So on Sunday morning I entered our tea room and saw the aftermath of; 4 hrs of tea and tall tales, I immediately  felt sympathy for our downstairs Maid, who had to clean this up.

Wait!!  its Sunday the maid’s day off  .. and I have to put things to right …DSC00517 DSC00519c Five pots, 4 Yixing and one glass pot, endless cups and fun times were had by all.  For the record, these are the main teas we drank throughout  the day:

花茶  Hua Chaflowering
Flower Tea

鐵觀音 tieguanyingold216Tie Guan Yin

普洱  Pu erhbrick

老烏龍茶oolong  Aged / Old Oolong

茉莉花茶jasminegreen  Muo Li Hua


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