Monday, November 09, 2009

Tiě guān yīn, as good as it can get

My colleague, Kevin just retuned from WuXi .. Last Wednesday he visited my friend Da Xia’s tea shop .. I came into my office Monday morning to find this cornucopia of   Tiě guān yīn chá 铁 观 音 茶
The gem in this package is the accompanying note:
“This is the gift for the coming Christmas Day. Wish you enjoy it.  Da Xia”
DaXia Despite his many visits to China /WuXi this was Kevin’s first visit: in his words “To a real China tea house, a truly memorable experience, this was with genuine people, an experience of the true China”  So much so he forgot to take pictures!!  Earlier in the day one of the folks form our Wuxi office called the shop number I had given Kevin. The number was still good, but they have moved to a new location in WuXi city. Da Xia’s little brother met them outside and guided them to the shop.  Now I can't wait to see the new place and old friends.
After thanksgiving my friend Jeff will go to Taiwan and Wuxi .. he can be my mule to take an early present to Da Xia, making tea in Dongguan shop
The tea we are talking about here is only the VERY best Fujian TGY, from Da’s family plantation.  I just had to open one of the small sampler packages sent.
DSC00461c Liquid nectar .. this I’m going to enjoy … 
DSC00462 The presentation packaging is in its self is a work of art … again thx to Kevin for bringing this back ... I seldom bring back the beautiful packaging,  just the tea. 


Sean McMunn said...

Wow thats quite an extravagant gift of tea! Shame you couldn't bring back those tins, could have made great candy dishes, or small gift boxes

小 約翰 said...

Hi Sean .. We have the tins, Kevin brought it all back ..Mom has claimed the blue ones

Heather said...

Hi dad, just wanted to stop by and say i love you...caught up on the blog and remembered mom telling me about the blue tins...sounds like thanks giving was fun miss you all, sending my love, heather

小 約翰 said...

Hi Heather, I sent you and e-mail .. miss you love dad