Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yunnan Brick Tea

The tea I started to prepare on Sunday .. migrated to the office .. and now its Tuesday.

The dry brick, when opened, looked  to be fairly homogeneous,  no obvious layering of different leaf types / sizes.  The wet leaves support this, they are fairly large and uniform (ish)  .. Colour is a rich brown with a few lighter tones of brown, providing a strong rich soup, supporting multiple infusions, as one would expect.DSC00415 The aroma is not strong, a delicate flat tone with a light toasted base, The flavor is an immediate wash on the palate, leaving no mouth dryness, quite a surprise in such an otherwise full rich tea.  I’d propose an analogy of this to a Single Malt Pu-erh,  a notable standout from the crowded world of blended  offerings.  I need to do some backtracking to suss out the age of  this ShuPu, and many thx to Da XiaDSC00405

I’m at a bit of a loss to conjure up appropriate categorematic expression or indeed appropriate euphemisms to describe the taste and aftertaste.  They are to say the least, very pleasant.  So I’ll let the “little gray cells” run their course and see what transpires.  For now I am satisfied to just enjoy and enjoy some more …..

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