Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It’s NOT English actually !!!

Every once in a while I get my knickers in a twist. (panties in a wad, colonial translation)

Fraud is afoot : afoot

Yesterday my Russian friend proudly announces “ When I live in Russia this tea was my favorite, not in the Tea Bag ,but in Russia we just buy this type of tea, is loose not in bag. But I think this is good, is from London.” Ceylon Tea / Black tea


Anatoly left a tea bag in an individual airtight wrapper.  After a bit I looked at the bag “AHMAD TEA London”  If it looks like a Duck, Walks like a Duck, Talks like a Duck, chances are it is a Duck.  The packaging (picture), company name, street address  just did not fit.  Check out the company web site .. Ye Olde  England dripping off  very page, yet it seemed to be a pastiche that failed to convince (me)  So I dig a little deeper.  It’s NOT English actually !!!  This veritable tea company is an Iranian, Internet “Fred in a shed” based in Tabriz.

Poke around the NET and you find:

Import and Export of Tea products in Iran and East Azarbaijan in Tabriz. We purchase and distribute Black Tea in Tabriz city.   Managin: Ahmadi

Business Role: Importer      Business Type: Distributor/Wholesaler

Business Status: Corporation/LLC      Years In Business: 16 to 20

Number of Employees: 6 to 10        Number of Offices: 1 to 5

My observations are that this is a deliberate effort to:  market and sell by deception and mislead the buying public. 

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