Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday an afternoon BBQ etc

Sunday, 7 am, its off to Corky’s (Capo Beach) for breakfast. A great local “greasy spoon” moved from Laguna Beach when the rents got too high.
Stop by; Dana Harbour, on the way home. A HOT slow morning.  Named after; Richard Henry Dana (Two Years Before the Mast)
DSC00330 Paddle boarders class at “Baby Beach” (NO waves safe for kids)
DSC00329 Couple of tall ships are berthed.
All this week we are in the trip digit heat … so up early get as much shade up in back yard as we can .. folks will come over after a day at the beach …
9:30am 85F .. time for Pu-Erh .. before we hit 100F
First infusion .. back over the pot 
DSC00335 Good to go …. this should last 1/2 hr.
Sean & Melissa practice snorkel technique … 
pooltime BBQ was great fun, a late afternoon breeze .. great company


Anonymous said...

Why do you pour the tea over the teapot?

謏 約翰 said...

The first and often the 2nd infusions are NOT consumed.
A few of the reasons:
The dry tea needs to be rinsed / cleaned.
The tea needs to be rejuvenated to awake the flavour potential.
Heats up the teapot.
Initial infusion is often used to clean drinking cups.
Pour over the pot to maintain heat. (I only do this with YiXing pots)
Judge the strength of the infusion.
Pu-Erh can often be dusty, 2 cleaning infusions.

To paraphrase an old Chinese saying: “It’s a poor man that can only drink the first infusion”

Robin said...

Thanks for the great day dear, so glad the omelets were AA yesterday!

謏 約翰 said...

Hi Robbie .. a good start to a nice day.. me

Jason Witt said...

I confess that I've started to drink the first infusion of my Pu-erh because I just can't throw it away. I don't want to waste the tea and I can use more fluids in my system so I drink it first as a weak infusion. --Spirituality of Tea

小 約翰 said...

Jason, when flying solo we (all)take short cuts, just remember when you have passengers .. john